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Terms & Conditions

All information, analysis, Identifiers and classifications discussed, presented or referred to in the websites connected to The Art Of Dress™ are for personal use only, to be used in dressing oneself according to the principles of The Art Of Dress™. The act of visiting the website in any manner constitutes an agreement to refrain from using The Art Of Dress™ material for purposes of sale, promotion, advertising, manufacture, merchandising, education or publishing without express written permission from The Art Of Dress™.
Material includes all Identifiers listed below or taken from a website connected to The Art Of Dress™.

List of Identifiers

Style, when used as a capitalized noun or in conjunction with any of the following copyright protected thirteen Identifiers of Style:
Refined Dramatic, Refined Natural, Refined Classic, Refined Gamine, True Dramatic, True Natural, True Classic, True Gamine, True Romantic, Elaborate Romantic, Elaborate Gamine, Elaborate Classic, Elaborate Natural.
Focal Point
Throat Focal Point, Chest Focal Point, Empire Waist Focal Point, Very High Waist Focal Point, High Waist Focal Point, Ribcage Focal Point, Raised Waist Focal Point, True Waist Focal Point, Dropped Waist Focal Point, High Hip Focal Point, True Hip Focal Point, Low Hip Focal Point, Upper Thigh Focal Point or Wrist Focal Point, Mid-Thigh Focal Point or Fingertip Focal Point.

Artistic Type
Architectural Artistic Type
Sculptural Artistic Type
Ornamental Artistic Type
Composite Artistic Type
Prime Colour(s)
Elemental Colour(s)
Alternate Colour(s)
Personal Colour(s)
Personal Colour Palette
Fire Colouring
Ruby Fire Colouring
Orange-Red Fire Colouring
Yellow Fire Colouring
Air Colouring
Olive-Gold Air Colouring
Ochre Green Air Colouring, Ochre Air Colouring
Celadon Green Air Colouring, Celadon Air Colouring
Water Colouring
Aqua Blue Water Colouring, Aqua Water Colouring
Sky Blue Water Colouring, Sky Water Colouring
Violet Blue Water Colouring, Violet Water Colouring
Earth Colouring
Grape Earth Colouring
Plum Earth Colouring, Plum Magenta Earth Colouring
Burgundy Earth Colouring, Burgundy Magenta Earth Colouring
Alpha (as relating to dress and The Art Of Dress)
Omega (as relating to dress and The Art Of Dress)
Yin Style
Yang Style
Zodiac Counterparts or Correspondence
Planetary Counterparts or Correspondence
Elemental Correspondence